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Get ready for the first ever fitness virtual being

Get ready for the first ever fitness virtual being
This week we would like to share some special news at TwentyBN. We will soon be releasing an AI-powered virtual being as a fitness coach and we want you, our readers, to be the first to experience it!

AI-powered fitness avatar soon to enter the world (Illustration: Luniapilot)
AI-powered fitness avatar soon to enter the world (Illustration: Luniapilot)
Sign Up to Millie Fit for Early Access
Millie Fit: Your AI Trainer (HIIT Workout) on Vimeo
Millie Fit: Your AI Trainer (HIIT Workout) on Vimeo
The Millie Fit App
Millie Fit is your smartest fitness coach. Powered by TwentyBN’s human behavior understanding technology, Millie uses your device’s camera to see and guide you through a High-Intensity-Interval Training (HIIT) session. She uses her AI-powered computer vision to understand what exercise you’re doing, and gently helps you do it correctly if she sees you struggling.
Unique to Millie Fit is her capability to accurately recognize dynamic human movements in real time so that she can offer you tips on how to improve your form, motivational pushes so you can surpass your limits and rewards for a great workout. Millie Fit holds you accountable to your fitness goals, encourages you to challenge yourself, and gives you the confidence that you’re working out safely and correctly.
Click the link below, sign up, and be one of the first people ever to interact with an AI-powered virtual being in fitness! Do you have a family member or friend that always ditches the gym because of a chaotic work-life schedule? Make sure to invite them to sign up for early access so they don’t miss out on their chance to seamlessly get fitness into their lives 👇💪
Millie Fit: AI-Powered Fitness Coach
The Millie Fit app will be initially available on iPad and iPhones, but will be accessible across all smart devices and screens, giving you access to on-demand, guided workouts anywhere, anytime. If you experience the universal struggle of finding the time to visit the gym or attend a class, then Millie Fit is your solution to a convenient and effective fitness journey so you can become your best self whilst getting the other million things done!
We’ve teamed up with renowned fitness experts to build Millie Fit to make sure we’re giving you effective and in-depth workouts that challenge you to get the results you’re looking for. be
A First Step to Avatar-Based Coaching and Companionship at Home
Fitness is a great use case for TwentyBN’s core technology. Since our north star as an AI avatar company is to bring coaching and companionship to the home, we will continue to build virtual beings that interact with you, help you, and add color to your life wherever you are.
Are you excited about the first ever virtual being to be released into the wild? Then sign up below and be the first to try it out!
Sign up to gain early access to Millie Fit👇
Millie Fit: Your AI-Powered Fitness Trainer
Meet TwentyBN at IFA 2019 in Berlin
Meet TwentyBN at IFA 2019 in Berlin!
Meet TwentyBN at IFA 2019 in Berlin!
We will be at Europe’s biggest tech show IFA 2019 with Millie! Visit us at Hall 26 Stand 114 to interact with Millie close up and try out a fitness session with her!
Just send us an email at: to schedule a chat!
The First Virtual Being to Win an Emmy Award
Fable's Wolves in the Walls won the Emmy Award (Credit: Fable Studio)
Fable's Wolves in the Walls won the Emmy Award (Credit: Fable Studio)
We would like to congratulate our friends at Fable Studio for the well-deserved Emmy for Wolves in the Walls! Fable Studio’s co-founder Edward Saatchi says:
“This is the first Virtual Being project to receive an Emmy but it won’t be the last… Eventually a Virtual Being will win an Oscar for their performance in a live-action movie.“
Excited to find out what’s coming up next from Fable!
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Written by David, edited by Nahua and Moritz. Illustrated by Anny.
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